The Columbia Lake Townhouses or short the CLTs are located at the northwester rim of the campus, about 15 minutes away by feet or 5 minutes by bike. 400 students live here, four at a time share an apartment which are all structured the same way.

The whole residence is built in four big loops with 25 units each. A separate building houses the laundry with washing machines and dryers, beside that Bill Scherer has is office in there.

Inside the units are built like this:


Everybody has his own small room and shares kitchen, bath, dining and living room and several closets with the other three room mates.


second floor


mud room




living room


living room


dining room


The storage rooms are used for different stuff, directly beneath the water heater are the best conditions for producing apple wine ;-))

In September a 20 litre batch is set up.

In February it's being bottled....

And that's what the units look like from the outside:

At first glance the rooms look relatively small, but they provide sufficient space. They are equipped with a bed, a closet, a desk with a top-mounted shelf, a chest of drawers and a chair. Although it looked kind of sterile in the beginning, now there is so much stuff in my room that it is really comfortable.

On the back side of the houses a patio extends itself on an area of about 5 m2. The patio belongs to the private living space in the unit and therefore it is allowed to drink alcohol outside on this area.

For all of you who now think that we only have had sunny weather, have a look at the following pictures...

The winter has set in and the strong wind in this place piles up snow heaps. The first snow on a late November day lured about 60 students out of their units, initiating a gigantic snowball fight.

East of the CLTs the Columbia Lake is located. In summer it is home for thousands of geese which pollute the water significantly. Not only in summer the lake provides unusually nice appearance.

And here comes the bad news for the following generations of exchange students: according to rumours the CLTS are said to be reserved for froshs only from the fall term 2001 on. To what extend that applies for exchange students, too, is not yet known, but living with froshs can be really annoying, especially when there is much work to be done....


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