Property of the University of Waterloo is located in the north-western corner of Waterloo and stretches across several square kilometers. The Campus in particular extends over an area about one square kilometer.

Let us start the campus tour on the southern side. Behind vast parking lots which surround the whole campus the visitors centre is located in the South Campus Hall (SCH). Beside the official reception rooms for guest one can find a book store in which everybody gets the necessary specialist books, a stationary shop and a souvenir shop where you can buy everything (from cloth to watches with diamonds) as long as the UW Logo is on it.

Starting off northwards from here you pass the Grad House, a meeting point for graduate students only. No one takes it that serious, but if one wants to make it officially, there is the possibility to become a member as undergraduate, too. It is a good place to meet, if you are planning on having a good talk, because it is almost always very quiet, there are just too few students around. Beside that they sell a variety of beer and from time to time there is that mirage....

Passing the Grad House you get to the buildings that belong to the engineering faculty.

The first three pictures show the Engineering Building 2 (E2) from different views, the others show the Engineering Lecture Hall (EL).

Continuing north the Davis Centre (DC) is located which accommodates, beside lecture and seminar rooms, the library for the science and engineering faculty.

Westwards from the Engineering Lecture Hall (EL) the Dana Porter Library (LIB) is situated, containing books for students of the art and sociology faculty.

South of the library the Arts Lecture Hall is located, where lectures are held for art students.

North and directly behind the Dana Porter Library the greenhouses of the biology department are attached to the Biology Building 1 (B1).

Passing the buildings of the biology department northwards you come to the Mathematics and Computer Building (MC).

Just few meters westwards from there the Student Life Centre (SLC) extends, which accommodates a stationary shop, a fast food restaurant, a drug store, a copy shop, a computer shop, several restaurants and pubs. At the turnkey desk which is open round the clock you can get information and help anytime.

Ground Zero, one of the restaurants in SCL, is a good place for having breakfast.

In summer the campus is green, vast lawn areas invite for a break. At least geese are using this offer, wherever they find a spot that isn't grazed down so far.

Beside geese one can always meet many different animals on campus, particularly squirrels, chipmunks, skunks and racoons.

Finally here are some impressions from winter...



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